Threats Assessment

Section within Element Ranking records used for listing and evaluating present and foreseeable-future extrinsic threats to the Element.

Threat Categories that affect the Element within the specified geographic level or jurisdiction (global, national, subnational) are listed in the grid along with scope, severity, and timing for each threat. The level-1 threats are shown in bold because they are most important: lower-level scope and severity scores must be rolled up to Level 1, and only level-1 threats are included in the Overall Threat calculation.

Data entry details:

For each threat:

When all applicable Level 1 threat category rows have been completed, it is time to move on to review of the Overall Threat Impact. See Automatically Calculated Overall Threat Impact, Stored Calculated Overall Threat Impact, and Assigned Overall Threat Impact.

Fields in the Threats Assessment section:

All Geographic Levels:

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