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Both Map Services and Image Services published on ArcGIS Online, on GIS servers that are available on a local machine or network, or from servers publicly available on the Internet are available for use. Cached services must be in the WGS 84 Web Mercator (Auxiliary Sphere) projection, because ArcGIS Server cannot reproject cached services, and use the standard scale levels supported by Google, Bing, and ESRI's To test the map/feature service prior to adding it to the map viewer, see the Test Map/Feature Service help topic.

NOTE: Cached map services published through ArcGIS Online do not support all of the capabilities of cached map services published through ArcGIS Server. Since the underlying data is not retained, the Identify tool is not supported.

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Current functionality allows for shapefiles and file geodatabases (containing < 11 layers) to be added. Both shapefiles and file geodatabases, including all component files, must be zipped into a zip file with no additional directories or files. A valid .prj file must be included in the zipped shapefile file and all layers within the file geodatabase must be projected. The projection must be a Projected Coordinate System (NOT Geographic) which is recognized by ESRI. Geodatabases must be <10 MB in size whereas shapefiles cannot exceed 2 GB.

NOTE: In at least one instance, when a zipped shapefile was viewed in the Biotics 5 Map, some spatial features could not be detected via the Identify tool nor a spatial Feature Search. These spatial features could be found via an Attribute Search via the Feature Search tool and imported successfully even though they appeared to be missing (were not visually displayed). This problem was linked to the indexes and therefore can easily be avoided by excluding the .sbn and .sbx files from the zipped shapefile (i.e. only include the .shp, .shx, .dbf, and .prj files) prepared for use in the Map.

NOTE:Uploaded file geodatabases are handled by converting them to shapefiles and therefore the data within uploaded geodatabases are constrained by the 254 character limit of a shapefile. Hence, if the geodatabase has data exceeding 254 characters, when viewed in the Map, the data will be truncated.

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